Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are creating a backyard pool ‘five times the size of any of their neighbors’ as they remodel $20 million mansion

He likes to boast that he’s 50 percent greater than any great artist who ever lived and now Kanye West is creating a backyard swimming pool of a size to match his ego.

While he’s declared his $53 million in debt, the rapper isn’t skimping on remodeling the $20 million mansion he and Kim Kardashian purchased in 2014 in Hidden Hills, California.

And while it already has two perfectly acceptable swimming pools, Kanye has decided that’s simply not enough and is digging up the yard to build a lake-sized body of water that will be ‘at least five times the size’ of anything his neighbors have.Kanye West has decided to get rid of the two swimming pools in the backyard of his $20 million mansion, pictured, and replace them with a single large body of water.

Kanye, 38, declared this week on Twitter that he is having financial issues because he has invested $53 million of his own money into his projects.

He soon after clarified he still has a great deal of personal wealth, but the statement put a big spotlight on his finances with many scratching their heads over his claims as he continues to lead an opulent lifestyle with wife Kim.

‘They both make a ton of money but they also spend a ton,’ said a source told People.

Trying to make it livable for them: Kanye and Kim purchased the mansion, once owned by Lisa Marie Presely, in 2014 for $20 million but have gone through two remodels already as they try to make it their liking


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