DEVT: 4 years not enough for Buhari — TUC

Jalingo—TRADE Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, said the pace at which President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is moving, its plan to achieve developmental goals cannot be done in just four years. Buhari President of TUC, Boboi Bala Kaigama, who spoke in Jalingo, Taraba State, while speaking on national issues, argued that the anti-corruption crusade by President Buhari was a welcome development and declared that the president would take long time to lay foundation for good governance. According to him: “President Buhari has a good intention to put Nigeria in good shape but the pace at which he is moving, it is difficult for him to actualize the dream in just four years. He should start thinking of another four years after his first tenure. The PDP governed the country for eight years, for another political party to come and take over then restructure the mechinaries for change may not be in just two years, but if he is not carful he may end up handing over to a wrong person in a heist to go” The TUC president who insisted labour would continue to reject the recent hike in electricity tariff, said the hike was not only “wicked but condemnable and unacceptable to the union” “Is as if we are in a country where even court order is not been obeyed, people went to court over this matter, the court ordered that the company should stay action on the increase of thenai tariff but they went ahead and increase it the way they wanted. For some of us we want to believe that the privatization of electricity sector was wrong, if someone come to establish give him land to put on his machines, look at GSM in the Telecommunication, they came and installed their equipment and people saw that they were genuine and customers cue in. They wanted to increase the tariff but they refused to do extensive consultations as demanded by the rules, we are going to reject it till the right thing is done”.Source: Vanguard


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