Nigerians protest high bank charges

Nigerians are planning to boycott banking activities on Tuesday, to protest exorbitant deductions by banks, activities on social media are indicating.

Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria, a not-for-profit group dedicated to advocacy for consumer rights and protection in Africa’s largest consumer market is leading the protest.

According to a petition posted on CAFON’s website by the organisation’s president, Sola Salako, the #NoBankingDay is aimed at pressuring Nigerian banks to review their charges downwards. The group is also calling for a review of bank forms and contracts to include more protection for consumers and for consumer complaints to be resolved promptly and satisfactorily.

Other demands are that banks must clear fees with consumers before debiting their accounts and that CBN must review the new Stamp Duty Charge, Account Maintenance Charge and Debit Card Maintenance Fees.

“March 1 is “No Banking Day” Protest against excessive bank charges Dear Nigerian Banks Consumers For many years now, consumers of banking services have been subject to series of poor and unsatisfactory transaction and relationship terms,” Salako said in the post.

“We have endured excessive charges, illegal fees and unfair contracts that only protect the bank but do not protect the consumers.

“Banks debit our accounts at will for charges we never agreed to or were not aware of; they charge us for every little service; we pay for getting our statements; introduction letters; and now, some banks are charging N200 for the use of deposit and transfer forms!”

Salako noted that under the current CBN management, abolished fees are being reintroduced.
“ATM withdrawals that were free now cost N65 on 3rd withdrawals,” she said.
“ We pay N1000 for debit card issuance and renewals; we pay N105 for every online transfer; and they still charge N105 as Annual Debit Card Maintenance and now, a new Stamp Duty charge of N50 on every credit of over N1000 has just been introduced.”

“COT that was supposed to end finally in 2016 is now being reintroduced as 1% of every withdrawal purportedly as Monthly Current Account Maintenance Fees!”

She said the exploitation has become unbearable and has necessitated speaking out by consumers.

“That is why CAFON, a consumer rights NGO is calling consumers to join us in protest against banking exploitation by declaring Tuesday, March 1 2016 as NO BANKING DAY!” Salako said.

See what Nigerians are saying about the protest on twitter…

To protest against the ‘crazy’ bank charges, Nigerians are being urged not to bank at all tomorrow. Will you be a part of it? @Gidi_Traffic

— MyBankPalava (@MyBankPalava) February 29, 2016

@MyBankPalava @Gidi_Traffic I support. I have been begging @gtbank to refund 150k debited from my account 4 weeks ago.

— Nella (@Luciellla) February 29, 2016

I need someone with some numbers to explain how #NoBankingDay won’t work if we all just withdraw money the day before.

— Tolu Talabi (@NaijaRookie) February 29, 2016

Tomorrow is #NoBankingDay. Let’s protest the illegal charges made by banks from us by boycotting banking activities

— 9ja Angry Child (@fejirooliver86) February 29, 2016

March 1st is “No banking day” in protest of excessive charges by banks spearhead by Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria. I’m in support

— Afam Bu Charles (@chaplinez70) February 20, 2016

@MyBankPalava @Gidi_Traffic no, I wouldn’t. To what end? What impact? I await transfers to further my business tomorrow. No delays please!!!

— femme fatale (@MzFfatale) February 29, 2016

Best to boycott the #NoBankingDay cos my bank can go & charge me 1-day Inactivity Fee.

— Oko Yeenks (@dodoshyne) February 29, 2016 source:PUNCH

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