Katy Perry grimaces as Orlando Bloom attempts a kiss during steamy beach PDA after those naked pictures

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry ‘s saucy beach antics sent the world into meltdown last week after naked pictures of the actor paddle boarding went viral.It didn’t end there though and now a video of their PDA session in the sea has emerged from their romantic break in Sardinia.The besotted couple can be seen wading through the clear blue waters of the Italian island in the clip, with the Lord of The Rings star looking in his element as he stops to speak to another bather.While he’s friendly to his fellow beach-goers, it’s clearly Katy is the object of his desire as the actor can’t keep his hands off the Roar beauty as they frolic in the water.

Later the pair are seen talking while Katy sits on her boyfriend’s lap under a canopy, the make-up free star can be seen sipping from a drink as she talks to her boyfriend, breaking into a smile on a few occasions as he cuddles her gorgeous figure


PAY-Katy-Perry-and-Orlando-Bloom 1PAY-Katy-Perry-and-Orlando-Bloom 2PAY-Katy-Perry-and-Orlando-Bloom 3



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